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Analytify – Authors Tracking Add-on

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Authors Tracking in WordPress

Authors Tracking add-on is a premium feature in Analytify Pro. It provides detailed analytics about the authors on your website. It allows you to track the performance of individual authors by showing you data such as page views, bounce rates, and more.

Tracking the performance of your blog author and content engagement can help you understand which posts are performing the best and which authors may need some help with their content.

Authors Tracking in Analytify

Authors Tracking add-on in Analytify enables additional tracking of your author’s performances and analysis of user activity on your WordPress site, specifically focused on author-related metrics.

  • Individual Author Tracking: With the Authors Addon, you can track the performance of each individual author on your website. This includes tracking metrics like page views, sessions, bounce rate, and average session duration for each author.
  • Post Performance Tracking: The Authors Addon also allows you to track how well each post published by each author is performing in terms of page views, bounce rate, and other metrics.
  • Top Authors Report: The addon provides a top authors report, which helps you identify the most popular and engaging authors on your site.
  • Customizable Dashboards: You can create custom dashboards that show specific author-related metrics and data in specific date ranges, so you can quickly and easily monitor the performance of your authors.
  • Multi-Author Blogging: If you run a multi-author blog, the Authors Addon is useful for tracking individual authors’ performance and their posts to improve your content strategy and engagement.
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