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Chaty Pro Chat with your visitors via their favorite messaging channels

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Chat with Your Customers on WhatsApp, Messenger & 20+ Chat Channels

A chat button to communicate with your customers. Chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels like WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, and more.

The ultimate WordPress chat plugin

Your visitors are out there using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and other chat apps. By using a WordPress chat plugin, you can make yourself available to the channels they usually use to communicate.

Supported channels and platforms by Chaty for WordPress

Integrate various social media platforms and messaging apps in your WordPress site like WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, SMS, Phone, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Poptin, Viber, and more!


Key Features

Use 20+ Social Messaging Platforms

Whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, or any social media – use Chaty for WordPress to make yourself available to your customers whatever the platform.

Frictionless Communication

By using Chaty, your users can communicate with you from their preferred social messaging channel, making engagement easy breezy for everyone.

Improve the Quality of Support

By being readily available in the channels your customers are present, you’ll be able to improve your quality of support and tend to their needs faster.

Supports Custom Channels

Want to add a custom channel that Chaty doesn’t support? Add custom channels with a click of a button and add up to 5 custom channels.

Unlimited Customization

The Chaty for WordPress UI is fully customizable (change colors, button placement, custom icon, fonts, & more) which you can edit according to your branding preferences.

Customizable WhatsApp Preset Messages

Want to greet your users with a preset message when they choose WhatsApp? With Chaty for WordPress, you can set messages to wow your visitors.

Triggers & Targeting Rules

Chaty for WordPress comes with a wide range of triggers & targeting features to fine-tune the behavior of the plugin to suit your needs.

Great Compatibility, Documentation, and Support

Chaty for WordPress uses the best coding convention and is compatible out of the box with almost all WordPress plugins. It also comes with a premium support team.

Tracking Metrics via Google Analytics

Track channel opens, clicks, traffic sources, page source & more with Chaty for WordPress’ Google Analytics integration.

What do you get in the Free plan?

Looking for the best chat plugin for WordPress? With the free version of Chaty you can:

  • Show different clicks to chat channels, including an embedded WhatsApp pop up and contact form
  • Select the location of the widget (bottom left/right)
  • Add a custom Call-To-Action beside your widget
  • Choose between 7 different colors
  • You decide if you want to show the widget on mobile & desktop or both!
  • Show different channels for mobile and desktop. For example, you can display a call now button & a Viber button on mobile, but show a different widget combination like a WhatsApp & Telegram button on desktop

What do you get in the Pro plan?

  • Show all the channels you want at the same time (we support up to 25 different click-to chat buttons and other icons)
  • Add multiple agents in your chat widget. For example, allow visitors to reach for pre-sales info or support with different channels on WhatsApp
  • Use custom colors or CSS to fully customize your widget
  • Add custom images and icons for better widget design
  • Specialized targetting and triggers – show your widget to visitors who meet certain criteria like traffic source, country, website page, etc.
  • Create pre-set WhatsApp chat message and pre-set email subject line. When people click on your WhatsApp button or email icon, your pre-set message will automatically load.
  • Available days and hours – display the widget on specific days and hours based on your opening days and hours
  • Automatically forward your contact form leads to email
  • Date scheduling – set a start and end date for your chat buttons (e.g. show a WhatsApp chat button from a specific date)
  • and many more awesome features!
Important Notes


◉ Before making purchase, please read our FAQ & Terms of Service.

◉ If you have any issues with the items, please visit Troubleshooting page first. You can read other helpful guides on Knowledge Base.

◉ If you haven’t found the answer to your question, please Contact Us.

◉ You can use the items on your own, your company, or client sites, but you’re not allowed to resell the items on your or other websites. We know from download pattern as well as other activities. Your account will be suspended without warning if we found that you are violating our Fair Use Policy.


◉ Make sure you unzip the downloaded file before uploading to your site as it may contain other files which are not part of the theme or plugin. Unzip the package first, then upload the correct .zip file.

◉ All files are 100% free from viruses or malicious code. We purchased and downloaded from original developers. We don’t sell items downloaded from other sites.

◉ You get the same file as you purchase from official website. We just don’t offer additional services like developer’s support.

◉ We DON’T provide license key. All items are fully working without entering license key or purchase code. You can use on as many websites as you like.


◉ Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help in installing the items. Our support team is available 24/7.

◉ Please note that we are not developers of the provided themes/plugins, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We don’t customize the items, fix developer bugs, etc.

◉ Check out the item documentation for setting up, configuration, or any other how-to questions. Most available online.


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