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Before submitting your question…

  • Check our FAQs for pre-sales and general questions.
  • Look through our Knowledge Base and Troubleshooting if you have issue with your account or the file you downloaded.
  • For questions about specific item such as setting up or how to use, take a look at their documentation.

Most of all support requests are asking questions already answered on our site – please check them first. It will help save us a lot of time and you don’t have to wait for our reply.

Our Support Guideline

  1. Please send your question in ENGLISH ONLY.
  2. If your site is non-English and would like to send screenshot, please change the language to English before capturing screenshot. You can change the language back later.
  3. We provide support only through contact form, and NOT via comments on the site, chat, or any other social media.
  4. For item request, please send your request only one time per item.
  5. Non-active member can submit only pre-sales question. Make sure you select the right option when submitting the form.
  6. Don’t submit multiple requests for the same issue.

Send your questions using this form

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Enter your email that you want to receive reply
Describe your issue with all relevant details, including the steps you have taken and the text of any error messages that have shown to help us understand exactly what is happening. Please, AVOID USING only generic messages without details like “I got an error” or “the plugin doesn’t work”.
You can send screenshot so we’ll better understand your issue. Upload your screenshot to Lightshot (or any image hosting site) and paste the provided link here.

We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, but due to the overwhelming number of requests, our response may be delayed.

Please be patient and thank you for understanding.