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License Issues

Simply ignore it. Developers include these keys in order to update themes and plugins automatically and allow you to register for support, or in some cases to import premium templates (which is not needed by majority of users). These activation messages do not prevent the items from running.

We recommend updating your theme and plugins manually when updates become available on our site. Check out how to update here

You can use this free plugin to close license activation reminders and all other notification messages on your WordPress dashboard.

Installation Issues

After you downloaded theme/plugin, you need to do the following before uploading it to your site:

1) Unzip the downloaded file. Since the package you downloaded may contain additional files such as documentation, license, other plugins, etc. These files are not part of theme or plugin, so it will give you an error when uploading to WordPress.

You need to unzip the downloaded file first, then upload the correct .zip file (generally, the file being the name of theme or plugin).

Keep in mind that you can upload only .zip file to WordPress.

2) Make sure you upload theme into the theme section, and plugin into the plugin section. It sounds too simple for someone but a lot of users still made this mistake by uploading plugin file into the theme section and vice versa.

If you’re not sure whether it’s a theme or plugin, you can go to our item page and check its category on the right side.

This is a common error that occurs when you upload a wrong theme file. You’ll need to check the following:

  • The file you upload is actually a theme, not plugin.
  • In the package you downloaded, there may be other files (documentation, license, demos, etc.) alongside a theme file. So make sure you unzip the downloaded package and upload ONLY theme file.

This is because your server PHP memory limit is not enough to run the task. Please check out this article on how to increase PHP memory limit

This error happens when the file size of theme or plugin you tried to upload is larger than the upload size limit set by your host. There are 2 methods to fix this issue:

  1. Increase maximum upload file size – follow this guide
  2. Upload theme or plugin directly to File Manager in your web hosting cPanel – follow this guide

It’s the same error as “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize” and you can fix using one of two methods mentioned above.

  1. Increase maximum upload file size – follow this guide
  2. Upload theme or plugin directly to File Manager in your web hosting cPanel – follow this guide

This error is not easy to identify the reason as it can be caused by many things. Please refer to this guide on how to fix this error

This can happen when you activate a new theme. Don’t worry, your posts are still there and you just need to update your permalink settings to fix the issue.

Simply go to Settings > Permalinks and click the Save button. Usually this will do the trick.

If you don’t understand the errors that show up on the screen, the best thing you can do is searching for a solution on Google (copy and paste the error message into Google search box). Most likely someone has faced the same issue and know how to fix it.

Demo Import Issues

This is often due to the PHP configuration limits of your host are set too low to complete the process. You have to check your PHP settings and compare with the theme recommended values.

You can check your PHP settings from your hosting Control Panel, or install WP Server Health Stats or other similar plugins. You can also check your theme requirements from their documentation. Some WordPress theme includes a System Status Page in their dashboard to show both your current settings and their recommendation.

If you see the PHP limits are below the recommended ones, you’ll need to increase these PHP values. Some hosting provider may not allow you to change these settings. You might need to contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase values as per theme requirements.

The main reason is due to your current WordPress settings are different from demo site. It might be homepage settings, sidebar, number of posts to show, etc. Importing demo may not change these settings, so you’ll have to make some more changes by yourself to make your site look like demo.

Sometime images are not imported because the developer does not have an extended license to use them. They can use images on their demo sites only but can’t provide them to customers. In this case, we will not be able to provide you with images or any other materials if they have been intentionally removed by the developer of the theme or plugin from the demo content.

Therefore, neither we, nor the developer of the item, can guarantee that your site will be fully matched with the developer’s demo site.