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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

General Questions

All WordPress items are licensed under a General Public License (GPL). This means that once we have purchased plugin or theme, we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so. Your membership to our site goes towards maintaining and buying the subscriptions to original developers. This form of crowdfunding helps keep our prices low and we can then pass this benefit on to you.

WPFinal is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, nor is in any way related to third-party developers, including WordPress, WooCommerce, WP MEDIA, Elegant Themes, MyThemeShop, WPMU DEV, iThemes, OnTheGoSystems, etc.

You can use any items on as many sites as you like.

You're NOT allowed to resell the items downloaded here on your or other websites. Your account will be suspended with no refund if we found that you are violating our Terms of Service / Fair Use Policy.

Use the items for your own personal or client websites.

WPFinal is a subscription-based website. We don’t sell item individually.

We suggest you opt for "Pay as you go" plans in case you want just a few items.

No, you will be able to use the items even after the subscription expires. Though the download will not be available but your existing installed plugins and themes will continue to work.

The only thing to be aware of is that you will need an active subscription with us if you want to access any future updates.

Yes. Please visit our pricing page

If you can't find an answer to your question here, you can always contact us


We accept PayPal. You can also pay with all major credit/debit card through PayPal (you don’t need to have PayPal account).

All Subscription plans are automatically renewed (except Lifetime). You’re free to stop your subscription anytime from within your WPFinal account or PayPal.

While Pay as you go plans are not auto-renewed.

Due to the nature of digital goods that once you have downloaded, there is really no way to “return” it. Therefore, we DON’T offer refund except in some cases which is at our discretion. Please use our contact form for a refund request.

Also, refund will not be provided if your account has been suspended due to violation of our terms or fair use policy.

Please make sure that you’ve carefully read our service description before making a purchase. We're providing you thousands of items at a very low price, so please don't ask for a refund if just one single item doesn't work the way you want.

You can see our refund policy on the Terms of Service page.

Downloads & Updates

You need to subscribe or purchase download credits in order to download the items.

When your subscription is active, please log in and go to the item page. The download button will become available. Click on download button to start download.

Yes, your subscription plan dictates your download allowance. We advise you download only what you need at the time. Do not stash files for the sake of it. We can tell from viewing the daily download logs when a user is stealing our files. Please note that if your account activity is deemed as a leecher, then your account will be suspended and deleted WITHOUT warning.

Yes. As soon as we are notified of an update, we download it from developer and update on our site. Sometimes updates may delay from official releases as there are a lot of items waiting in the queue.

We usually update the items every day. You can follow our latest updates by visiting changelog.

Generally, No. We do not provide the license keys required to automatically update themes and plugins through the WordPress admin panel. If you want to update, you have to download the new versions from our site again.

Check out knowledge base on how to update themes and plugins

Sorry, we do not store old versions of the items.

We don’t recommend using download manager for downloading the files on our site.

Since download manager create multiple connections to the server and there is no way for the server to know that the traffic is being generated by software, so each connection will count as a download and you’ll reach download limit faster.

We understand that not everyone has fast Internet speeds but please bear this in mind. Most files are quite small, they shouldn’t take a long time to download.

Trust and Safety

Yes, all themes and plugins listed on WPFinal have been purchased and downloaded directly from the original developers. We do not sell any items downloaded from third-party resources.

The files are not altered in any way except for few items that need activation before usage.

Some items just do not work without a license key or purchase code. In order for the item to fully working, it is necessary to make minor changes to the part of the php/js code to bypass the license protection. This process is called Activation.

We ensure you that the changes made to the item concern only the protection bypass and do not affect the functionality of the item. There is no malicious code in the files as well.

This is probably the biggest concern people have when downloading digital items like this. You can rest assured that we did not tamper with any of these files. They’re all as clean as a whistle.

It goes without saying that you can run them through any antivirus and anti-malware software you can think of if you’re still unsure. The majority of the themes and plugins on WPFinal are untouched, that means not even a single file has been touched. However, some items may not work without activation and these are safely activated by our team.

Most likely it’s false positive results, especially for Chinese antiviruses such as Bkav, Jiangmin, Rising, Cyren. Such antiviruses often check the code simply for the presence of function eval, base64_encode/decode, etc. Although the presence of such constructions in the php-code does not at all mean that the code is malicious, and many developers use these functions for their own purposes (packing/unpacking data, custom fonts in css and others). For this reason, Chinese antiviruses often detect on absolutely clean files downloaded directly from developers. This is called false positives.

Please carefully read the description and features of the item from original website (we have a link on each item page) as well as checking for requirements and compatibility. We do not give any guarantees that plugins or themes you downloaded will function the way you want.

Also, we do not change the functionality of the items in any way. All files are the same as they’re downloaded from developer websites.

Unlike other sites, WPFinal provides only official items from developers. This means that all plugins and themes on our site work just like if you buy them directly from original developers.

The risk of downloading from free websites is that you never know where they get the items from. As well as the reason behind offering premium items for free. They may be generous or want something from you in return such as:

  • Collecting your personal data which is usually sold or exploited maliciously
  • Creating backdoors that give hackers a secret entry into your site
  • Injecting spam links to get their websites or products to rank
  • Redirecting your visitors to their illegal sites
  • Displaying intrusive ads on your site
  • And many other sinister actions

Remember, if a premium theme or plugin is offered for free, it’s free for a reason.

On the other hand, WPFinal is a commercial project. Our revenues are from your subscriptions. So, your TRUST is very important. That’s why you can be 100% sure that you download only clean and safe files here.


Basically No. We are not developer of the items, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We can provide basic support for installing themes and plugins, but we do not customize the items, fix developer bugs, etc.

If you require technical support regarding a theme or plugin, then you will need to either purchase the item directly from the original developer (a link is provided on the item page) or you will need to hire a freelancer to take a look for you. Alternatively, you could ask around some of the helpful WordPress community forums.

Not offering support is the way in which we are able to offer the items at very low prices.

No, you can’t get support from developer whether you contact them directly or through WPFinal. If you think you will need developer support, please consider purchase the item from them directly.

Most themes and plugins have online document or knowledge base. Otherwise, it will be included in the downloaded file.

We try and bring new items into our site each month and every paid member can request item/s.

Though the fulfilment of the item depends solely on our discretion and other factors like the number of requests for that item, type of license (GPL or non-GPL – we will not consider any non-GPL item requests), price of the item, etc. We only purchase items that we think are or will be popular and benefit to a large number of members.

License and Legal

We DO NOT provide license keys / purchase codes. These keys are required for automatic update only. All items on WPFinal are fully working without entering license keys.

There is no problem at all. The items will work exactly the same as you purchase from developers.

In addition, all themes and plugins are PRO (paid) version and you can use their pro features even without license key.

Most licenses have usage restrictions, for example, Envato restricts only 1 domain per license, so it’s not possible to purchase license for everyone.

Additionally, if we give our license key, it’s highly possible that someone will share or resell it. Finally, the license will get banned and this will affect all members as we’re unable to update the item.

So please don’t ask for license key. We really can’t give it.

Yes, it is legal. All WordPress items are licensed under the GNU General Public License

This means that once we have purchased the item, we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so.

Because all items are GPL licensed, it’s extremely unlikely there is one. Also, we only use the names of items nominatively as a way of identifying one item from another and clearly emphasize on our website that no items on this site are endorsed or sponsored by any trademark holders.

Nonetheless, please use our contact form to highlight any concerns and we’ll be happy to work with you.